Sydney gyspy jazz band, Chasing the Moon plays the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli with an energy and commitment that's reminiscent of the great jazz of days gone by. The joy is infectious. It makes you smile too.

There is freshness in the way different styles are combined, a mix of hot club with the blues, a touch of folk, flirting with Latin rhythms, lashings of swing and modern elements too.

Lead vocalist and violinist Kathy Bluff delivers her distinctive style of soulful vocals and swinging jazz violin with warmth and charm. The violin intertwines with the glittering soprano and tenor sax of Paul Burjan who is also a dab hand on the flute. Well known gypsy jazz guitarist, John Blenkhorn provides the rhythmic pulse as well as Djangoesque solos played with flair and attention to detail. That essential Parisian ambience comes with the piano accordion of Garry Steel who is also a mesmerising performer.

Jessica Dunn on double bass delivers intricate and memorable solos and along with drummer Mike Quigley lays down the best of grooves, playing sweet and in the pocket.


All members are highly accomplished musicians who bring a diverse range of experience to this new project creating an entertaining and musically rich experience.